How To Get Out The Friend Zone – Master The Art Of Conversation Chemistry

So there’s a girl you know and you are friends with and she’s someone you really like, and it becomes really frustrating when you see her hanging out with guys knowing that you are way better for her than they are.

She may not even be interested in you.At this point she sees you as a friend and nothing more.What can you do to get out of this so she sees you as more than just her friend?

Things to do to escape the friends zone:

Show Less Interest

You’re probably showing that your relationship is already imbalanced due to the fact you’re showing more value in it than she does. By slowing down and taking a step back may prove to be a good idea, showing that you’re being needy is not an attractive trait.

Grow (expand) your social circle:

Did you Know by expanding your social circle, and doing things in a little differently like adding a few more female friends into your circle, you will naturally make yourself more ‘scarce’ and also seen as higher status.

Learn to her and lead others more:

Women are always more naturally attracted to leaders, and this can be as simple as being the guy who organizes a poker night, or a dinner out with friends. Don’t follow everyone else lead… Be the man who makes life fun and interesting.

You should live an inspirational life :

Women will always love to be with a man who has ambition and personal goals in order, you should make your life something that makes her excited and she wants to be a part of.

Do not make yourself seem as if you to want to be around her all the time and nothing else, this may make her think you’re desperate! You should think about dating other people too, that way she’ll see that you’re a catch as other women are wanting to date you too.

Learn to Flirt:

You should discreetly add flirting into your friendship .You want to be sure that you start up the flirting slowly,as if in a day you completely changed the way that you once were, but do to flirty so to avoid scarring her away!You can start with the simplest of things,you can do this just by just injecting a bit more laughter and delicate touching when you are playing around.

Establishing physical contact:

We’re not talking about doing anything inappropriate here, we’re saying that just being a friend who isn’t afraid of touching her during your interactions which can include subtle touches on the arm etc when joking around, to just holding her hand even when you’re taking her somewhere, or by putting your arm around her when you share a secret.

Get her to do things for you:

Believe it or not, people actually like people more when they are being lead into doing things for them. Even if it’s just small like getting a soda from the fridge, to give you a ride, etc. Never go over the top and get to the point to where you’re just using her, it’s very interesting that people like others more when they see themselves as being more involved in the relationship.

The Bottom Line:

It can be very frustrating when you fall for a girl and you are stuck in that dreaded friends zone. But there are certainly things you can do to raise your chances or making her your girlfriend, most of these revolve around you becoming a more masculine man.



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