How To Find A Woman – Master The Art Of Romantic Conversation

For all of you guys out there who are struggling when it comes to finding a woman there’s one thing to remember,it’s not rocket science when it comes to finding women,it,s all about attracting women!

Just look around you,women are everywhere,they are a part of our every day lives ( thank God 🙂 ! They empower and keep us strong,they encourage us to live are lives to the fullest.

Find And Attract Women Through The Art Of Romantic Conversation

Most men (especially young men) tend to think that finding a woman is  all about the ability to be physically strong.By this I mean him playing the role of what I call the wanna be macho man.

They spend hours at the gym,get themselves all buffed up,walk around wearing the T-shirts and bulging muscles etc.Don’t get me wrong,I’m all about being in good shape,but it’s not necessary to  play the macho role when it comes to finding a woman.

Money isn’t everything when it comes to finding and attracting a woman,but remember that when you find a woman that’s attracted to you for finance purposes only,she’s not attracted to you,it’s only you money she’s attracted to!

Communication is everything. Having plenty of money or having a G.Q. appearance is good but if you must have a understanding that romantic conversations is everything!

Were not talking about the casual how do you or can I buy you a drink,or a how was your day conversation.These are all find if you’re looking for anew friend,but if you’re looking for something more; like rising above that friendship level,you should and need to learn the power of romantic conversations.


A Few Ways of Finding Women and Making One Your Own:


Always remember to  your sense of humor

Have you ever been on a date or you have just met a woman that you would like to get acquainted with be it seems that your conversation is going nowhere?

There’s nothing more frustrated and yourself than being bored! Women love men that can make them laugh,you should focus a great deal of your time making her do so.

Your appearance is everything

As remember that looking the best you can is a must. When you’re dressed nice and clean this is very attractive to a woman.

When you are wearing clothing that are worn and dirty and you’re not properly groomed this is showing that you have no concern about you’re appearance. This a BIG TURN OFF when comes to attracting women!

You should always show self confidence

When you’re showing that you are sure of yourself this also shows that you are confident in everything that you do.This will reflect in the way you walk,the way you talk  should show that you believe in everything you do.

Women are attracted to men that believes in themselves,they will always want to be around that strong when he has a solid foundation when he lives his life on his own terms and he is willing to do whatever it takes to do so.

 Be polite and courteous


We’ve always been taught that manners are everything.This is especially true when it comes to finding and dating women.You will live life better when you follow this one golden rule!

The last thing you want to do Is show you have no manners or proper upbringing.

As far as being courteous when finding or dating women there are a few things you should always remember.According to leading dating coaches one of the first things you should do is be punctual.

This is something that most men don’t understand.The last thing you want your date is to feel your not interested in her,you should never lead her to feel she’s not worthy of your company or her attention.

When she speaks you listen.Not only is it rude not to but this shows that you courteous but that you are a gentleman as well and this will go a long way and lead to more intimate relationships!

Master The Art Of Romantic Conversations

All the tips that I’ve shown you above work great for finding and attracting any woman but after you’ve gotten her attention now what?

click image to learn about Conversation Chemistry

What do you say to her? I’m not talking about your average or friendly who do you do or gee that’s a nice dress you’re wearing  or may I buy you a drink conversation.

Finding a woman and keeping her interested in everything you say is all about Conversation Chemistry.


You must learn what to say,how and when to say the right words to make her long to be with you and this all comes down to you learning the ways that triggers a woman’s physical and emotional responses to you!


Happy Dating,
Sincerely Frederick

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