How To Make A Girl Want You-It’s All About Romantic Conversations

Have you ever been at a place or in a situation where you happen to see or run into that perfect girl? You know,that girl that really lit up the place you happen to be at the time and she actually swept you off your feet?

You may thinking to yourself that their is NO WAY you can make that girl want you,right!

Please believe me you’re not alone,not so long ago I had this same mind-set,going to parties,bars and about anywhere I thought I can go to find that perfect girl to spend time with me.

But it seemed that no matter how hard I tried I never could figure out how to get a girl that I really want to be with me.I tried everything from online research to e-books to many so called dating coaches only to find that none of these worked.


There isn’t a single man around who would not love to have the secret to getting a girl to fall for them quickly and easily. And as I said earlier I’ve done a lot of research and what I found is that almost every so called training that you find online is really the same thing that you are already doing.

Every red-blooded man wants to learn the art of seducing women but it seems that mostly every time we try it ends in failure.

Now imagine yourself meeting that perfect girl! She has a great personality,she’s smart and she’s very
attractive.The only problem is that being around a girl with all these great qualities you don’t know how to act being around her.

But what you do know is that if you were with this girl your life would be complete!

At this point you’re thinking or SHOULD be thinking how can I GET THIS GIRL TO WANT ME or you should be figuring out in your mind how to get her to want to love you right!




This is true,every woman have their own personalities,what attracts one woman may not attract another.This is what I love and what YOU WILL LOVE ABOUT CONVERSATION CHEMISTRY!

It teaches and trains you everything you need to know about getting a girl to want you!It shows you how to tap into a woman’s primal instincts to have heart pounding sex with you.

As I said before every woman is different and that’s a good thing.Can you imagine what the world would be like if every woman was the same?

Think about it,they all had the same personality,the same moods,laughs,looks etc.I’ll be the first to say this is a world I would NOT want to live in!

OKAY! Here’s some tips that will help!

Let’s say your out at your favorite night-club or bar hanging out with a few of your buddies and you notice that the beautiful woman you’ve had your eyes on for the last hour or so start’s walking your way approaching the bar alone.

Your thinking that this is your chance.If you’re going to talk to her here’s your chance,
the time to make your move is right now!

You may be feeling pretty uptight or nervous now because you’re thinking that this is the hardest part.You’re feeling that you’ve built up all the nerve and courage that you can muster to go over and talk to her but in the back of your mind you know there’s a chance you’ll only get turned down ( AGAIN )!

When approaching a woman to talk to her you have to understand that their will always be risk! As of now you’re two people who’s just met,and by introducing yourself what do you have to lose.

So go ahead,walk up to where she’s sitting and approach her,but remember one thing,if she seems to come off as one of those women who has that snooty or bitchy attitude just MOVE ON.This is not the type of woman you want anyway!

If she’s the type of woman you want to spend some time with and get to know better here are a few VERY EFFECTIVE YET SIMPLE STEPS for you to follow for starting a strong romantic conversation.




1. You should start light when approaching her.

O.K.You’ve been eyeing this beautiful for almost an hour now and she has walked up to the bar.You realize that this is your chance to go and approach her.You DO NOT want to come on to strong,in fact you want to appear and be relaxed (without being nonchalant).  

You should pull your seat along beside her but too close and not too far away either,simply smile and say “Hi”. See how she responds and then ask the bartender for your drink.

This when you want to pay close attention to her,if she smiles and say’s “Hi” while she turns towards you,that’s a great sign she’s interested,if for some reason what ever it may be,she gives you a quick “Hi” then gets up and starts walking back towards her table,you simply set your sights towards someone else.

On the other hand,if she has chosen to hang around and spend time with you at the bar,this is the perfect time to start up a casual or even a ROMANTIC conversation.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to start a conversation with her,the fact that she’s still lingering around with you at the bar show’s that she’s already into you.

Theirs no need to use any kind of crappy/cheesy pick-up lines on her and you DO NOT want to go into any kind of HEAVY TOPICS,remember we are using the light approach.

The last thing that a woman wants is to overwhelmed or bombarded with a bunch of heavy questions from you straight away,asking questions like where are you from,where did you grow up,what she does for a living just SCREAMS at her how desperate you are.

You should simply start by introducing yourself and being casual,you will know if she’s enjoying the conversation by allowing the conversation to continue,just remember to start out light and casual and conversation will naturally get deeper as it goes on.

2.The importance of eye contact and body language.

The same principles applies here as it does for the light approach.When we practice eye contact we’re not talking about STARING at the woman in front of you,when we practice body language we’re not talking about flexing your muscles or trying to prove how strong you are by flexing your testosterone levels are.

These two approaches are a complete NO-NO.

Both of these will only make her feel uncomfortable and she may become uninterested in you very quickly!

When you’re engaging in a romantic conversation you want to project the right kind of eye contact and also the right body language as well.

When you’re talking to a woman the most important thing you want to do is make her feel comfortable as well as engaged in your presence.You should always be thinking of your body position and eye contact at all times.

Remember that when talking to her you want to be facing a little towards her,this shows that you’re interested in the conversation,don’t fully face her head-on (STARE) this may make her feel to intense.


You could also try turning your face slightly outwards so that you are facing her as well as the other people around you. But be careful of facing this way though, you don’t want her to think that you are wanting to leave and go back to your table or thinking of talking to another girl.

When you practice open body language, she will feel relaxed in your presence and feel that she is free to leave at any time she wants which is important.

You should make sure that you make a lot of eye contact when talking to her. This shows that you are interested in what she is saying, this will also show your self confidence.When you avoid making eye contact, you may come across as insecure, in-confident or disinterested.

The most important thing about making deep eye contact is that it is guaranteed to turn on the SEXUAL attraction between you and your girl, this actually causes all those feel-good hormones to be released.

3.Be ENERGETIC when you’re into a conversation.

To get your girl really into the conversation, you need to show ENERGY and get her addicted any thing you say.

Women love being around men who shows plenty energy and are making them smile and laugh continuously.Your goal is to bring the girl you are talking to UP and have her feeling good just being around you.

So how do you do this?

We already know that eye contact is a key factor and we also want to learn to use facial expressions and learn to smile and laugh in away to make her feel comfortable around you.

Express your voice clearly so that she can hear what you are saying to her but you don’t want to be to loud,she doesn’t want to feel like you are shouting at her and try to make your words as clear as possible (make sure she understands what you’re saying).

Remember to be confident or at least ACT as if you are. Theirs no need to be or act arrogant and you don’t to try too hard to impress her, just be yourself and she’ll see that you are having a really good time talking to her.

With a little practice following just few tips you’ll be surprised how easy it is to
a romantic conversation and make a woman crave to be with you!

Thanks for reading,

Frederick  A. Lott

If you have any questions please leave a comment below


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