How To Get A Guy To Notice You-Just Follow These Few Simple Steps!

So let’s say there’s someone you have got your eye on that’s sitting across from you at your favorite bar or night -club etc.Your quite sure and thinking that he doesn’t even know you exist! You’re thinking to yourself, want can I do to get this guy notice me.


You Should Radiate Your Femininity:

Studies have shown that women are usually more attracted to masculine men,and the same goes for men who are turned on to your femininity.

You should be radiating this through the clothes you ware,the way you dress your hair, hanging out with your girlfriends a little more often, your feminine positive energy along with your body language.

You Should Always Be Fun And Energetic:

When he sees that you’re happy and laughing with your friends he will become fascinated by you. Men will always love to be with women who on occasions like to hang out with there friends and have a good time having fun and being energetic.

Just by spending time with your friends and having a great time, and he will see you as a very confident outgoing person.

How  To Make A  Guy Notice You!!  – CONVERSATION CHEMISTRY

Be Flirtatious!

Let’s say you’ve been around him a few times and you’ve had a conversation or two,you should try some subtle flirting with him.

Maybe just touch his arm when you’re talking to him. Just little simple things like this will definitely have him thinking about you.

Start Off Small:

Maybe he’s a friend of a friend you may already know, or you may have seen him each day walking at the park or even on your way to work.

Don’t stare,but you should at first start by catching his eye. Once you’ve got eye contact,simply smile at him. This may take a little time, but at the start it’s as simple as that.

Start Or Initiate A Conversation:

Simply start by saying Hi! This way you are approaching him in a non threatening way, and by doing this you will most likely get a response from him.

If he doesn’t say anything back, he could just be shy, so don’t worry. He could be feeling nervous talking to you!

Try Being His Friend First:

When you have a healthy friendship it’s always best in the beginning to have a good relationship because this allows you to get to know each other a lot better.

This will allow your friendship to move forward more quickly.He will feel that he knows you and theirs no need to look elsewhere.

Dress to impress:

Dress up in an outfit that really flatters your figure, without going too over the top. Men like women who make a bit of an effort to look good.

Make an effort to dress up and this will grab his attention.

Never Play Hard To Get:

Once you’ve started talking to him, or you’ve given him some signs you were interested but then suddenly back away, he will think you’re not interested in him or maybe you’re just teasing or playing games and he will back away.

He will not be interested in your mixed signals and it’s very unlikely he will try to chase you.

The Bottom Line:

Always remember that there are many good guys out there, so if the man you are interested in doesn’t seem to be feeling the same, then don’t let this upset you.

Just move on, and remember that your happiness doesn’t depend on someone else! When getting a guy to notice you just be yourself, be happy, and you’ll find that guys will enjoy spending time with you.

Kind Wishes & Happy Dating,

Sincerely, Frederick



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